About TTL Business Consultancy.

About TTL Business


TTL was founded by Karna Luke.  He set up TTL to create success.  His goal is to work with companies and people who are determined to achieve success and make it happen.


Over the last three years TTL has added substantial skill to its team.  The team currently consists of a CIO experienced in New Zealand and international markets who primarily works with TTL customers and leverages ICT as a business capability adding to the bottom line.  Further the team now has a range of business consultants who are deployed among TTL customers, among a range of industries including Health, Finance, Exporting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Construction, Business Strategy and Strategic Delivery.


The TTL team are smart business professionals with diversified skill sets that deliver sustainable business capabilities.  The team backgrounds consist of professional senior executives, qualified with real long term experience, tertiary qualifications and the creativity, innovation and understanding to create success. Their skills have been built from experience in New Zealand and internationally.  They have held senior executive roles ranging from CEO, MD, GM, DCEO, COO, Senior Programme Directors, Project Managers on multi million dollar projects such as IT, health care, BPR (Business Platform Redesign) and construction.  The team at TTL are Directors working with Boards of Directors, Senior Executives, Commercial, Public, Non Government and Government.


The TTL team are experienced in business industries such as Sports and Entertainment, ICT, Retail, Health, Property, Manufacturing, SME and large corporate markets.